Make a Masterpiece

Many priceless paintings have been stolen or destroyed over the past hundred years. While adobe can’t physically bring them back, they can do the next best thing: use the tools of the creative cloud to re-create lost masterpieces.
By using adobe Stock photography to re-create these pieces, adobe Stock is proving that when your creative process goes uninterrupted, you can make anything and even bring masterpieces back from the dead.
Adobe asked me to recreate a Frida Kahlo painting using just Adobe Stock images.
This piece is featured in the Adobe Stock Make a Masterpiece campaign​​​​​​​
Frida Kahlo / The Wounded Table 
Created in 1940, this is Frida’s largest painting. Kahlo herself is sitting in the center of the work, as well as her pet deer and her sister's children. It was included in the first major Surrealist exhibition in Mexico. In 1955, the painting was exhibited in Warsaw, Poland, and somehow in transit to another location, it was, and remains, lost.​​​​​​​
It was painted after her divorce with Diego Rivera to express her despair and loneliness.​​​​​​​

Some of the Stock images I used.
It took 180 stock images and 20 days to complete.​​​​​​​

Working in Photoshop using Adobe Stock​​​​​​​


Special thanks to the Adobe Team
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