A group of six artists went on a challenge to recreate 6 different Masterpieces that were lost, stolen, or destroyed. What makes this project unique, is the fact the artists were only allowed to used Adobe Stock, and Adobe Stock alone. No CGI, no personal stock, no other photo reference. This required hours of searching to find the right elements and details to recreate their Masterpiece. Each Artist used hundreds of photos and spent over a month to recreate their Masterpieces.

It only made sense that these digitally recreated Masterpieces would be minted on the Blockchain to never be lost again. Each Masterpiece has been minted into an NFT, creating an intersection of classical art and the digital art revolution.

Auctions will start on Thursday October 28 at 12:00pm EST
20% of all revenue will be donated to JumpStartDesigners (@Adobe4Kids) which is a non-profit program to get technology and software into the hands of young underprivileged artists.

Click on "NFT DETAILS" on the image, and then click "OPENSEA" to view and bid on the NFT
Ankur Patar - Rembrandt's  "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee"
which was stolen in 1990 from Gardner Museum
Karla Cordova - Frida Kahlo's The Wounded Table (Created in 1940 - lost in Poland 1955)

"Recreating a painting is difficult, recreating the largest painting of Frida Kahlo was a huge challenge, I had to thoroughly investigate the genre in depth, Frida's very particular style and what she wanted to express in this work, it took me around 180 stock photos, and countless hours converting this stock photos into oil paint using all the photoshop distortion tools, digital painting and textures over textures. It was one of the projects that has taught me the most and has pushed me to explore what I can do with photos in new ways." - Karla Cordova

JC DeBroize - Caravaggio's "Saint Matthew and the Angel" which was destroyed by fire at the end of World War II while stored in an anti-aircraft bunker in Berlin.

I worked for 3 intense weeks to recreate the Caravage’s painting. This project was very special for me because it was about copying an existing image. Usually, when I create a picture, my only aim is to express a concept. So I don't need to look for a physical resemblance, a  particular position of a body or a specific lighting. With all these new constraints, I had to be much more demanding on the choice of my base photos than ever. I used 45 images to make the picture but had to download several hundreds to test them and find the right combinations."   - Jean-Charles DeBroize
Mike Campau - Karl Friedrich Schinkel's "Gothic Cathedral by a River" - Destroyed in a fire in 1931.

"This is definitely one of the most difficult projects I have ever worked on and posed more challenges than I first thought. I'm used to combining stock photography with my own reference shots or rendering elements CGI, but now I had to look for images inside of images to find details, textures, and structures that would match to the original. The final result was created with 162 Adobe Stock photos, 180+ hours of Photoshop work, and a very sore index finger from scrolling through millions of images. - Mike Campau
Erik Almas - Johannes Vermeer’s 1664 painting “The Concert”
Stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, in 1990
Jesús Ramirez - The Just Judges (or The Righteous Judges) lower left panel of the Ghent Altarpiece, painted by either Jan van Eyck or his brother Hubert Van Eyck between 1430–32. Was stolen in 1934.

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